Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our leader, Peter Lawwell

Juvenal, a Roman poet and satirist from 100 AD, coined the phrase "Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt"

Right now, there is a revolt going amongst some of the Celtic support the like of which I have not seen for 20 years. As a Celtic supporter all my life, I can honestly say that it rips me apart when things are like this. And whatever anyone thinks, the only man who can stop it is Peter Lawwell.

Now, you have all seen the harrassment of the Green Brigade, you've heard the revelations of Stevie Cairney and you've seen the mobilisation of the support towards George Square at 12pm on April 6th.
These are worrying times and we have to come out of them soon.

There are lots of facets to this. You've got the SNP, The Bill  and The Bill, These are long game issues that need co-ordinated effectively so that maximum impact can come from even minimum protest.

What can change now are the actions of Peter Lawwell and the instructions he is giving his staff, paid or voluntary. As the man in charge of the day to day running of Celtic, he faces the biggest crisis of his Celtic career and it is getting worse day by day. I've seen, literally, thousands of fans tweeting celtic asking for answers, asking for support for Apr 6th and demanding to know what the hell is going on at Celtic.

None receive replies.

This goes beyond being just a PR disaster for Celtic, it's clusterfuck of Maginot Line proportions and it needs fixed immediately.

People can say that there is an agenda against Lawwell, fine, except no one brought this to Lawwell, he brought this on himself.

He needs to ask himself is he for us or not?

Celtic, as a club and support, need unity constantly as we have many enemies. What we don't need is some fictive kinship bullshit that says if you buy a 125 scarf, you're part of the Celtic Family.

We need genuine leadership to get us out of this mess and back to being who we are, a unique and wonderful club with an unrivalled history and support second to none.

The passion that comes from the Celtic support on this issue is our biggest weapon. All we have to do is have it pointing in the same direction.

And by the way, most of us can't afford the bread at Celtic Park and we prefer fitba to circuses.

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