Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Did Rangers actually pay SFA £400k for Walter Smith?

Scotland fans will remember it as the time that Scotland looked like they were about to become a decent side again. Rangers fans will remember it as the time Barry Ferguson got rid of Paul Le Guen. Amid the hoo-ha of Smith going back to Rangers, there was talk of Rangers paying the SFA £400k for Smith.


The question is: Did they?

A Tartan Army foot soldier wasn't sure and sent this email to the SFA:


A bit of back story may help.  I was a committed tartan army man,
missed 5 home games in 20 years, though not always a card holding
member of tartan army.  But a big part of my support for the national
team died when Walter Smith left us during the campaign.  I honestly
couldn't believe it and it still rankles 5 years on.
I've gone over the published accounts of Rangers every year looking
for the £400,000 compensation payment that the SFA negotiated.  But
I've never seen any sign of it.
I also checked the published creditor list that Duff & Phelps made
public, thinking perhaps the payment was still to be made.  But there
was no listing of yourselves to the tune of £400,000.  Which is an
enormous amount of money, but nothing compared to us qualifying which
I'm sure he would have accomplished.
Really I'm looking for someone at the SFA to supply documented proof
positive that this money was paid.  I've spoken to a few tartan army
boys about it and they're very curious also and had just assumed it to
be settled.
Many thanks for your assistance in this matter"

Looking at the RFC accounts from the subsequent years, there is no record of any such payment, staggered or otherwise.

RFC 2007 accounts
RFC 2008 accounts
RFC 2009 annual report
RFC 2010 annual report
Yet this was Mark Snell's reply:

I can confirm that compensation was paid by Rangers for the release of
Walter Smith from his contract with the Scottish Football Association.
We cannot disclose details of confidential contracts.
Mark Snell
Communications Executive
The Scottish Football Association
Tel: +44 (0)141 616 6029
Mob: + 44 (0)7904 604 943
Fax: +44 (0)141 616 6001
Email: mark.snell@scottishfa.co.uk

So nothing in the accounts, not in the list of creditors but SFA confirm it was paid. If so, when? how? and by whom?

Scotland deserves to know.

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