Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Project Charlotte: The plan to liquidate Rangers

So laid out in front of you is the plan to liquidate Rangers. The first thing to notice is the date, October 5th 2011.

Especially when you look at the key players:

CW-Craig Whyte

GW-Gary Withey

MCR-Duff and Phelps.

Now that's funny isn't it? Didn't Craig Whyte have to go to court to get Duff and Phelps appointed in February 2012? So why are they in the process back in October 2011?

Also, October 2011 stands out as the month Neil Doncaster secretly changed the TV deal so that a "Rangers" had to be in the top flight. Did Neil know about this then? Did the SFA? or did Craig and and the boys just draw all this up on a whim after no consultation with anyone?

Plus, did any creditors know this far back? Did the face painters and newsagents have any chance to save their money?

There is lots to pick the bones out of there dear friends.

And then there is the name "Project Charlotte", now I wonder why it is called that...

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