Friday, July 17, 2015

A book for Kano

With other projects bang on schedule, it's time for a wee announcement. The thing I am doing in between ABC (The Book) and ABC (The Film) is a novel. A Celtic themed novel with every penny in profit made from any sales going to The Kano Foundation.

I'm not looking for a pat on the back for that because self-indulgence comes into it as does two bits of inspiration. Regarding the novel aspect, it's been something I've been itching to do since The Last Pearl Diver but I'd always been tempered with the worry that no one really cared about the stuff I wrote outside of the big books as it were. The novel has sold, to date, just under 1700 copies. I'm proud of that but it also has been out for over two years so it's thumb print on the window of a skyscraper.  However, where it has been popular is the Kindle Library with it being read around 193 times a month on average. So at the minute I've written 30,000 words and hope to treble that.

I did mention inspiration and the first part comes from Perth, WA. Whilst on tour with The Asterisk Years, Club President Andy Gordon asked me, on stage in front of 200 people, would I mention their CSC in the next book? For once, I was speechless. No has ever asked me to include them in a book before, well certainly not on stage in front of people, and I made a mental note to make sure I did. That then mushroomed in my mind to a thought that there are lots of people out there who I have encountered with great stories that simply haven't fitted anything I've published previously. Now I think I can weave them into a story.

The second inspiration is, of course, The Kano Foundation. Not just the work they do, not just the children they help, not just the lives they enhance, but the people. Kano is all about the people involved and the sheer determination they have all adds up to great book characters.

And the fact that they don't mind having fun poked at them helps a lot too.

I was honoured to be made an ambassador for The Kano Foundation in March and wanted to do something as thanks and this is it. Jumping out of planes, white water rafting and the like just ain't my bag (I get enough chills and thrills in my day to day life) so hopefully this can do something towards helping The Kano Foundation.

The aim is to have it out on June 1st 2016.

My aim between then is to write something you'll like and they will be proud of.

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