Friday, August 28, 2015

30 percent off Anyone but Celtic this weekend

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I know I have bombarded the promo for this book in August but that was always the intention. I also know that if you've purchased it already then you're sitting here right now going "Geez peace ffs"

When the launch happens on Friday in Carluke that will mark the end of promotion of the book for a few months save for the odd tweet with a discount code.

I always believe, with anything you do, you have to give it the chance to breathe a little and let the people decide. Pre-orders have gone very well and the feedback from those who have read it and got in touch has been very positive.

This project was beset with abuse on a scale that was unprecedented for me, with the "paranoid Tim" tune being played by many. I think the level of detail contained in the book has drowned out that little concerto.

Writing books is what I do for work. Often writers will be asked on various things to discuss topics related to what they write about and be paid well for it. The topics I write about though are ones the establishment want brushed under the carpet so there's an avenue with a stop sign right there. Point being, if you've bought the book, I thank you with everything I have.

I'm balls deep in my next book just now, a collection of short stories and that will be finished by Christmas with a June 1st release date. Although fictional stories, all have real people in them, no names will be changed to protect anyone, innocent or guilty (tee-hee)

That's for then though and this is now. If you buy this book, I hope you enjoy it and, if you do, tell a friend.


Use code SAVE30 at checkout to get 30% off. Offer ends Sunday at midnight.

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