Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Aberdeen are the new Rangers

It wasn't supposed to be like this. By now, we were supposed fighting toe to cloven hoof with Sevco for the league title. If the narrative that was spun by the MSM in 2012 (and I know Grimm would have struggled with it), then their dream would be coming true right about now.

Reality is different but then we seethe and roar at reality in Scottish football don't we?

My relationship with Aberdeen started on January 30th 1982. That was the first time I set foot in the place and little did I know that day I'd witness the birth of a legend. Paul McStay made his league debut and scored in a fine 3-1 win.

After that they pretty much were the bane of my life, and that of all Celtic supporters too, for the next five years. I hated them but only because they were good. They had great players who knew how to win and had a spirit about them that's now embodied by a Luis Suarez type. They broke my heart in 1984 when a 10 man Celtic undeservedly lost a Scottish Cup Final in extra time.

They made up for it slightly in 1986 when they battered a demoralised Hearts team and ensured Gorgie would go quiet again for another 12 years.

In terms of their fans, I've had my ups and downs. I've met some good ones over the years in Aberdeen and I've met some ones who were bawbags, no biggie, that's life. On Social Media, I follow a few and they are good craic, I mean we don't like each other's teams but it's not the level of debate you get with Sevco fans (currently lower than a world-class limbo dancer) and banter often breaks up any red mist.

In terms of the media though, they are in vogue, they are go to place for aspiring Scottish MSM folk and their manager can do no wrong.

If I have a bugbear I need to release in this blog it is that certain people in Scottish football can say whatever they want and not only is it not challenged, it becomes an accepted truth no matter how ludicrous it actually is.

It used to happen at Ibrox, it now happens at Pittodrie. (Of course it still happens at Ibrox, it's just I don't follow lower league football)

Derek McInnes is the golden boy of the Scottish MSM. If Derek speaks, not only do they listen but they also churn, polish and apply glitter.

Nothing he says is ever challenged. He has assumed the role as leader of the opposition and the back benches are right behind him. Leaving aside his obvious hypocrisy regarding when John Collins said he wanted to bring back hanging (it was that wasn't it?) McInnes is allowed an unchallenged narrative to ride around Scottish football like an out of control supermarket trolley.

He was given kudos on Radio Scotland on Sunday for "Keeping hold of all his players over the summer". My question is: Did anyone actually bid for any of his players?

He said Graeme Shinnie was the "best left back to come out of Scotland in many a year" Didn't someone recently sell a left back from Scotland for just under £3m?

He said "John Collins has a lot to say for an assistant manager"  A quick Google search of Tony Docherty, McInnes assistant and the man who takes an iPad to press conferences, reveals him quoted in the press at least 12 times over the close season.

Look I get what is going on, the press need to build up an opposition for us and McInnes is the current poster boy right up until Sevco, by hook or by crook, appear in the top flight. It's not the fault of the Aberdeen fans either, they have every right to back their guys. However, when you get a media top-heavy with Aberdeen fans, then you know something is going on. Dispute that? Ok, off the top of my head, Richard Gordon, Rob McLean, Liam McLeod, Derek Rae, Billy Dodds, Willie Miller, Graham Hunter, Michael Grant and Jonathan Northcroft all hold key positions in the media and have either played for or love Aberdeen.

Think I am protesting too much? Probably. I don't mind this kind of stuff really, I just hate when folk think we haven't noticed.

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