Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Are the BBC biased against Sevco?

A fairly fierce, if incredibly dull, debate took place in BBC Sportsound last night. After the recent withdrawal of press privileges from a BBC reporter the accusation has arisen from various Sevco fan leaders that the BBC in general and certain individuals therein are biased against Sevco.


Let's take a walk back in the history of Sevco. That three year period may offer a different story.

Remember that share issue?

Were any current or former BBC men in Imran Ahmad's secret MSM club?
If so, did they work directly with RIFC and break FSA rules by secretly engaging with fans groups in order to promote the 'failing' share issue after the Institutional take up?

If so, does this mean that the BBC can categorically state that the BBC Sports department is not as a whole anti - Sevco?

Did anyone at the BBC respond to Imran's plea for help after the supporters take up was poor?
We know Imran expected so much more, forgetting the fact that the open pledge beforehand had been infiltrated supporters from many other clubs, thereby artificially inflating the pledges.

Imran didn't take that into account.

Did anyone at the BBC offer ideas to Imran?
Did anyone at the BBC offer to work with leading supporters groups and bloggers to get the message out.?
I think we should be told.

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