Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Download The Asterisk Years until Dec 24th

It's the question I get asked more than any other "Where can I get The Asterisk Years?" and I always know they mean the film (one time I remember a guy was like "eh, naw the book")

For ages I'd tell folk it would be available for download on October 1st and they wouldn't be happy.

Now, I tell them it's been out since October 1st and they are even less happy as I didn't tell them (Because I'm in the business of keeping it a secret you see...)

So anyway, you can download it here right here now until December 24th and when you do, you'll have helped The Kano Foundation as well.

Incidentally, The book is now almost at three years since was it written and so it will get an update. That update will be available from Dec 1st. It's something I'd thought about for a wee while and then a group of friends and I decided we would be supporting 12 different causes on 12 days in December and I thought I could maybe help that too with the sales.

(This redux has also given me the opportunity to correct mistakes, structure it better and pull out a few things people didn't like)

Until then, download the film and watch everything that's been said by us for the last three years and, only now, is being caught up on by the media.

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