Monday, February 13, 2017

Armageddon-New film by Paul Larkin

Ok, so we are doing this differently this time. Firstly, there will be no tour. Instead this will premiere and be released on March 2nd, 2018. The book will also be released on that day. So when you come to the premiere, you will be able to get the DVD on the night. You'll also be able to download it the second the premiere finishes. 

The story is twofold, the conformation that Sevco are a Newco and the stories from the people who have a target on their backs for standing up for Celtic and telling the truth about Scottish football in the last five years. This will be the last film from me of this nature (unless something seismic happens) and it has to be done properly because we want something that every supporter can point at and say "There is the proof"

I need top people in every aspect of this and that's why we have to aim for a bigger budget, in this case £15,000. For that I get people with a wealth of experience who have worked with Hollywood stars and been on big budget films that premiered in Cannes. Even then, they are still taking a big pay cut to do this and my appreciation for that is limitless.

A few words about budgets for films.

You’ve got your low budget (under £2 million), your micro budget (under £150k) – this is a minute budget!  And a budget this small generally means that you’re entering the chaos world of self-distribution.  

When our director, Jah, worked on 15 Minutes that shook the World’ and Red and Blues, he managed to get the film into HMV at Christmas as well as Amazon and , but effectively it was self distributed – He had to take boxes of DVDs to HMV and other retailers – He had to fulfil the Amazon and orders (which made him well known in the local post office – no-one wanted to get stuck behind him with 3 bin bags full ready to be posted) – then there was the warehousing to sort out and pay for (a pallet of 6,000 DVDs were robbed from a lorry parked up in Aintree) - it was a ball ache.  But it was phenomenally successful. 

Once we get our budget (and I am going to be dedicating my life to do that) our aim after the premiere is to get it into film festivals. Most of them (if not all) want a film that has not received distribution so that suits us. 

Funding sounds easy, yes?  Not a chance.  There’s many a film that I’ve been involved with that has been stuck in development hell for want of a budget.  In fact, the whole film industry is filled with tales of woe about great projects that couldn’t get off the ground for lack of funding.  In the UK, if you approach an official funding organisation, you’d better be good at filling in forms, because there’s a mountain of them.  And then you’ve got to explain why you want to make the film in 100 words!  Jah had a meeting about a Dixie Dean film he was trying to get funded – that he is still trying to get funded! This is the story of the greatest goal scorer in the history of the English game – 60 goals in one season including a hat-trick in the final match against Arsenal – the first sportsman with a waxwork in Madame Tussaud’s, famed throughout Europe and known in America as the English Babe Ruth.  Jah was told it was too niche.  Five years later, he's still shaking my head with that one – too niche?  

The Walk On film that Jah produced had strong initial funding, but then, when we were trying to make the final push for the film’s completion and release, the funds dried up.  He still needed to pay for all of the rights – the songs, the photographs, the archive footage.  We ran a Kickstarter, and got national – even international – coverage.  From Singapore to the States, from the Daily Telegraph to the Metro, to the Liverpool Echo – Jah was even on LFCTV with Dean Saunders and Jan Molby - and as you can all appreciate, that’s the big time.  And there were a lot of people prepared to back the film. But as we approached the deadline, it looked like we were going to miss the target and the stress levels were through the roof…and then Jah got a phone call from BT.  ‘What are you doing with that film?  We’d be interested in buying that…’ and the rest is history. 

So film funding is often on a knife edge, right down to the wire – you’ve got to make sure everyone gets paid, all your rights are paid for and costs covered, and in order to do that, more often than not, you’ve got to appeal to people to stick their hands in their pockets and help you out because the major organisations would rather not take the risk.  But, The Asterisk Years and then Anyone But Celtic showed that it can be done.  Each film has got better, as the budget increased, and we want this one to be the best yet.  You and I both know, it has to be.

So what am I prepared to do? Well, I'm not taking any fee or pay for anything I do with this. It's just too important to me to get this story out. Secondly, I'll start the ball rolling with a £1000 investment. I'm not keen on asking anyone to invest in something I haven't done.

Key Dates:
Investment sought- Right away
Crowdfunding starts: March 31st
Social Media campaign starts: June 15th
Funding deadline-November 30th
Premiere-March 2nd 2018
DVD/Download release-March 2nd 2018
Book release-March 2nd 2018

Finally, the reason for this project is simple: There are two things I am sick of right now. The first is the ludicrous notion that Rangers weren't liquidated in 2012. It's the grossest lie ever told to Scottish football public. Secondly, I am sick of Celtic supporters being targeted for who they are and what they say. I go through this on a daily basis and I see many others that are the same. Except I have platforms to fight back and some others don't. So I am not prepared to sit back and watch them suffer in silence and fear.

I doubt you will either.


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