Saturday, April 1, 2017

How you can support TAY2-Armageddon

Yep, it's me again looking for your help. You'll probably know by now that the stuff I do is very niche. It's liked and loved by some Celtic supporters and hated by almost everyone else in Scotland save for a few switched on folk.

The media ignore what I do in public but in private they ask a lot about it. Kinda shows where we are in Scotland in terms of journalism.

This means I need to go down a crowd-funding route. This means I ask someone like you to join a bunch of other like-minded folk to invest the film so that we can make it. That's it in a nutshell.

Our target is £15,000. A huge amount of money I know but peanuts in the film game. Of that £15,000, I am investing £1000 and I am also taking no fee for writing and producing the film.

For that £15,000 we can get a top director/editor, graphic artist, cinematographer and photographer. (and that is them taking a huge drop in wages)

What I want to do is create a piece of work that does three things:

1) Proves beyond any doubt that the team that play at Ibrox is a new club

2) Humanise and highlight the people who are dehumanised and threatened because they stick up for Celtic

3) Show why Celtic supporters are the best in the world.

I can do these things in a book of the same name but want to leave something on screen that people can point at and say "See!"

I say leave because this will be the last project I do of this nature (short of something seismic happening) but it is all dependent on whether you support me and the team or not.

So I reach out to you now and ask for your help to make this happen

Please go here and invest in us, invest in this film and help get the story out there, the story a lot of Scotland doesn't want told. 

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